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(by ana roussel)
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~   Stanley Kubrick (via blue-voids)

3/1/14 Peering into the Chrysler Building, the tallest brick building in the world. 
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our time on the river
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Corinne Michael West, Abstract Expressionist painter, actress and writer, 1930, photo by Jon Boris valscrapbook
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>Brightly beaded AK-47s of Africa: by Ralph ZimanGhosts is a ‘tribute to the shady, overpowering and threatening presence of guns in African cities’. Created by street artist and director Ralph Ziman, these heavily beaded and colourful AK-47s were built by Ziman and six Zimbabwean street vendors in inner-city Johannesburg. In total, 200 guns were produced and photographed, with the snaps on display at Los Angeles’ C.A.V.E. gallery. 
Some good came out of a venture like this – all proceeds from the replica gun sales (yes, they’re for sale!) will be donated to Human Rights Watch. Er, so go buy yourself an assault weapon replica to make the world a better place? Yeah, I think that’s the moral of this story.
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Gazing into the crater of the Aso-San vulcan, Japan, ca 1904. Photographer unknown 
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Jiag Zhi (b. 1971) China “Love Letters”


Hilma af Klint
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Renato Stockler
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Canvas  by  andbamnan